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With over 150 years of combined experience, we offer the best motorcycle training in the state of Colorado. Most of our instructors have been riding for 30+ years and all take motorcycle safety to heart. We at Iron Buffalo "live to ride" and strive to share our vast experience with our students. We have classes designed for those who are just learning to ride and we offer advanced classes for the seasoned riders who understand the value of lifelong learning. Iron Buffalo places a high value on the importance of safety.

We offer more full-size training ranges at one location than any other training provider in the State of Colorado. We perform regular maintenance on our fleet and our instructors are all trained in motorcycle safety procedures. What does this mean to you as our guest? You will receive the best training available on ranges that are designed for safety and riding time. The more you ride, the more you learn. Each of our 5 ranges is dedicated to one class per day providing a relaxed learning experience. The quality of your training experience and your safety is what we are all about. We invite you to join us at Iron Buffalo for rider training that will stay with you throughout your lifetime.

Most Vendor Of The Year 2023

VENDOR of the Year 2023

MOST (Motorcycle Operator Safety Training) Colorado State Patrol

"I cannot speak highly enough of this place. Peter (one of the instructors) was able to even customize a motorcycle for me so that I could go to my lessons since I'm quite short and no bike was small enough for me originally. He followed up and made sure I was able to attend the lessons. I am seriously grateful for his guidance, patience, and willingness to accommodate my specific circumstances..."
― Thamara T
"I had never operated a motorcycle before and this beginner class was excellent. Bob and Jiri did a phenomenal job with teaching and repeating the basics to keep everyone safe and feeling confident as we advanced through the weekend. The exercises progressed in a very manageable way that allowed the whole group to build the muscle memory needed to react in the desired way..."
― Maura Knowles
"Took the basic rider class so I can learn how to ride & get my endorsement. Loved every second of the class. Peter was a GREAT instructor. He was very knowledgeable & informative. Took the extra time to make sure every student understood & was able to complete the exercise correctly. I will be back for the intermediate class..."
― Minh Huynh
"Bob and Forest were the instructors for my class in September and they did such an amazing job! Nice fellas but very serious about the business of teaching the fundamentals of riding. I've taken an endorsement class before, in another state and have riding experience. I will say that the content of this course was very detailed with an emphasis on safety and defensive riding and the instructors really drove the necessary messages home..."
― Anna Martin
"Great motorcycle training school! Chadwick and Bob are great instructors and the leaning was made fun. My only complaint is that it was cold AF the last week of November which made it a bit hard to concentrate at times. That's not their fault though so they still get 5 stars. The instructors had to deal with the cold too so we were all in it together."
― Jedi Neil
"Amazing people. Great if you have never been on a bike before. The instructors are very helping and friendly"
― Danny Nguyen
"This place was wonderful. Accommodating, informative and they want to see you succeed. Thank you guys, the trainers were amazing and patient. I was a beginner and had never ridden and they gave me the guidance and help I needed. Bob, Chadwick, Peter and Cooper, a big thank you! - "S-P-E-E-D""
― Corey Davis

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Iron Buffalo Motorcycle Training
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