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With over 150 years of combined experience, we offer the best motorcycle training in the state of Colorado. Most of our instructors have been riding for 30+ years and all take motorcycle safety to heart. We at Iron Buffalo "live to ride" and strive to share our vast experience with our students. We have classes designed for those who are just learning to ride and we offer advanced classes for the seasoned riders who understand the value of lifelong learning. Iron Buffalo places a high value on the importance of safety.

We offer more full-size training ranges at one location than any other training provider in the State of Colorado. We perform regular maintenance on our fleet and our instructors are all trained in motorcycle safety procedures. What does this mean to you as our guest? You will receive the best training available on ranges that are designed for safety and riding time. The more you ride, the more you learn. Each of our 5 ranges is dedicated to one class per day providing a relaxed learning experience. The quality of your training experience and your safety is what we are all about. We invite you to join us at Iron Buffalo for rider training that will stay with you throughout your lifetime.

Most Vendor Of The Year 2023

VENDOR of the Year 2023

MOST (Motorcycle Operator Safety Training) Colorado State Patrol

"Holy moly! Words cannot express how amazing this class is. Not only have I learned so much as a motorcycle rider (and car driver), I thoroughly enjoyed the method of teaching/learning of how to be the best rider you can be... I have never driven a motorcycle and it was the most mentally and physically challenging thing I ve done..."
― Caitlin H
"Awesome instructors make classes like this easy to get through. I would definitely recommend iron buffalo for anyone looking to get into riding. I came in nervous and left confident and ready to get my own bike. Nothing but thanks to all the folks down there for doing what they do well. 10/10, would definitely take classes here again."
― TwoSockss
"The beginner course was PHENOMENAL. I had no previous experience and left feeling ready to ride. Peter was such a great teacher fun and light when appropriate but also serious when called for. An A+ company."
― Kristen Baylis
"I would highly recommend this class to anyone at any level. The instructors were awesome,(shout out to Chadwick and Michael!). We got a lot of amazing feedback and encouragement. From learning the mere controls of the bike to swerving & cornering properly within 2 days, our class was able to get a lot of hands- on learning! I don't even have a bike yet and I'm already thinking about taking the intermediate class after I get the recommended mileage under my belt."
― Savannah Raven
"Great class, very informative. Class was very small in a very convenient location away from city traffic. Bryan is a great laid back teacher, he was always ready to answer all our questions and concerns. Thanks guys. Highly recommended!!!! Jaro, Granby Colorado"
― jsmolira
"Being a Colorado resident I have always been enticed to try out motorcycle riding, especially with the beautiful mountain roads we have here! After doing some research I knew I wanted a class that both provided me with a motorcycle licence upon successful completion as well as one that had really good ratings..."
― Kushal Joshi
"The trainers were very professional and knowledgeable about the curriculum. They were very effective at teaching the techniques and helping us apply them practically."
― Jeff Steig

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Iron Buffalo Motorcycle Training
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